Naum Aronson

Bust of a Beauty - Naum Aronson
For sale
Size: 14" x 12" x 26 inches

Patrick Weil Bertrand, 2010
Estate of William Jester, Springfield, Illinois.,

Bust of the Beethoven  - Naum Aronson
For sale
Size: 7.25 inches

Ellen Aronson

Given to her friend in New York as a remembrance of family and friendship.


Can be compared to a bronze casted in Paris in 1905
NAUM ARONSON (Russian, 1872-1943), bust of Beethoven, bronze, signed and dated 1905, bears foundry mark of Montagutelli Freres, Paris, 6-7/8"h, 4-7/8"sq.
Quote from the Beethoven museum in Bonn, Germany:
“In the summer of 1905 Aronson visited the concerts of the seventh chamber music festival in Bonn, organized by the association "Beethoven-Haus". Influenced by the concerts, Aronson created the first drafts for a Beethoven bust. The artist was obviously influenced by the atmosphere in Beethoven's birth house and the displayed cast of the composer's mask.
Shortly thereafter Aronson manufactured a monumental gypsum model for a bust which he later gave the "Beethoven-Haus". As the model was received in such a positive way, Aronson was ordered to create a bronze bust. In the autumn of 1905, a granite pedestal was made for the sculpture following Aronson's draft. On December 17th, 1905, Beethoven's 135th birthday, the monument was finally unveiled in the garden of the "Beethoven-Haus". There it can still be seen and admired by the museum's visitors”

Naum Aronson