The Establishment became Hotel Baudy in June of 1887
Theodore Robinson
Buvette, Hotel Baudy
Oil on Canvas
Size: 42* 48.50 cm
Signed lower right, Th Robinson cica1886-1886

Angelina Baudy
To her niece Germaine
To Eugene Suzé husband
Marjolaine Suzé
By descend to Francois Suzé
To Farid Jean Belaid, 2013

The painting depicts the Musette Bar, who became known as Hotel Baudy, in 1887, and was run by Angélina Baudy. The Hotel Baudy opened in June 1887 and became a popular spot for artists to stay, paint and socialize. Robinson moved into the hotel in the same year and stayed regularly, until 1892. A painting workshop at Theodore Robinson ‘s request was built in the garden of the Hotel.

Theodore Robinson studied with his friend John Sergeant, in Paris under Carolus Durand. Theodore Robinson was mastering the French language and was fond of Flaubert and Zola.

In 1885, Theodore Robinson, an American painter was introduced to Giverny, a village in Normandy, France, by Deconchy  , a friend of Claude Monet and a fellow painter. Notably, Robinson’s last day spent in Giverny was December 1st, 1892. He spent it in the company of both Monet and Deconchy.

Robinson attended Monet’s exhibition at George Petit in June 1886 and was captivated by Monet’s use of color and luminosity. 

Robinson moved out of Paris and into Hotel Baudy in June 1887 and became a faithful Givernois until 1892. Giverny became a favorite spot for artists around mid-1880’s.

The painter John Leslie Breck painted later a painting titled” ‘M. Baudy Behind his Desk at the Hotel Baudy” in February of 1888 dedicated to Madame Baudy [oil on canvas, 13 ¾ by 17 ½. This painting is at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Donald J. and Helen D. Douglass, The Douglass Foundation, 2018.18.3.] The bar is at that time part of the Hotel. The bar is well stocked to serve the local and the visiting painters.

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