Artist: Schuk2
Patriot art (2010)
Spray paint on Hospital’s door
66 1/8 x 38 7/8 in Signed

Biographie Schuk2

Classic beginning for a being apart, he begins to tag at the end of 1988 under the pseudonym “STRIVE BD” which was only at the very beginning the desire to represent his gang far from the traditions of the original hip hop movement, then changed nickname following a police custody for tague and carrying a weapon of 6th category in the Paris metro he will be known under the pseudonym of shuck and shuck two is also the year he painted his first piece on the railway tracks of the RER A in Nanterre in the suburbs of Paris and marked the beginning of a long career as a vandal that will leave an indelible mark in the history of French graffiti.
Former member of the mythical “Black Dragons” Gang, entrance that he will pay for with blood. These are the same “dragons” who made headlines and waged a war against the “Skin Heads” of Paris in the late 80s. What was marred by numerous gang wars in the Paris suburbs that made his reputation within the gang, he became the leader of an allied band “TCP” (The Cobra Power), and it was at this time that he was introduced to tag in the Paris metro and suburban train.
Graffiti ends up taking precedence over violence and this time for a new fight, this one pictorial even if it remains a political suspicion, on railways, trains and highways.

Illegal or not his career and style will make him a living legend of French graffiti. The effects and color blends they create remain unique to this day. His letters have the balance and quiet strength of the character they represent.

He will paint with many renowned writers like mode2, bando boxer, darco, sino, tkid, echo, meo, megatone, and many others.
After 30 years of graffiti and political struggle, shuck2 remains the master of his style and continues to inspire the new generation.

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