House of Claude Monet and Garden circa 1910

Blanche Hoschedé Monet 

Status  For Sale
Style: Impressionist painting
Medium:  Oil on canvas

Signed  lower left, Blanche Hoschedé 

Size: 23.62 x 29.13 inches

Provenance:  Private collection France for the past 40 years.

Blanche Hoschedé Monet painted the House and Garden around 1910. Blanche Hoschedé Monet’s painting, is a mirror image of the garden designed by Claude Monet. This painting can be compared to a later piece executed by Blanche. Out of all these paintings, this is the one where the daylight floods the floral garden and the House the most. Blanche Monet understood the magical ability of light and its effects on the garden. Blanche does not distance herself from her subject. Here as spectators, we are absorbed, attracted by the flowerbed designed by Claude Monet: a symphony of colors a vision of blue in agapanthus and golden sunflowers rising on the left

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