Blue Tree in Fall, Butler’s garden in Giverny, 1923

Theodore Earl Butler

Style: Post impressionist
Estate of the Artist By descent through the family

Oil on canvas
Signed: Lower Left
Size:  31 x 31 inches

 A “fauve” piece, Butler painted this blue tree in  the autumn.  A counterpart in a seasonal duet to the other blue tree in the winter version. In this particular piece the tree is more dominant, with curving branches in all directions evoking a fall wind, knocking the leaves to the earth floor beneath it

The blue of t is tree is visceral and purplish. The Impressionist leaves are scattered beneath, while the new Fauvism of the blue tree rises out of them. His home is more prominent in the background of this autumnal version as are all the trees staged behind this blue one. The rooftop, the leaves on the tree and the ground are all united with his dance of brushstrokes.

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